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Best tourist destinations in South Africa

When it comes to continents, there are some pretty awesome ones on our planet, that can't be denied. Every each of them is amazing and has some places that are unique and that cannot be compared to anything else, so you should, in case you get the chance, visit all of them, but one of the first ones you should consider traveling to is Africa, and especially South Africa, because that place is just awesome, and here is why.

The beautiful country of South Africa is a place where the old traditions and culture of Africa and the way of living there, meet the new, modern society and all its positive sides. It is amazing to see something like that and to experience how people there accepted everything and how this whole country became one of the biggest and most important developing countries.

But let's go back to what tourists can see in South Africa and what they should visit under any circumstances. One of the most important, and most beautiful sights to see and experience in South Africa is the Table Mountain National Park and the Table Mountain itself. The park is a big area of pure nature, beautiful green areas and wonderful sea, the sunset there is amazing. Since it is very close to Cape Town, you should consider staying at this beautiful town, maybe taking a few beautiful escorts from or someone else and then going to the beautiful beach there, which is one of the most beautiful in whole South Africa. This whole area is quite impressing and you will see why people are talking so much about its beauty once you visit it and see it by yourself.

It seems like everything interesting and amazing is placed somewhere near Cape Town, and once you hear about Robben Island, you will start believing it yourself. This island is a place of rich history and one of the most important parts of South Africa, it was even declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One thing you should visit there is the Robben Island Museum and the amazing place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.

If you don't visit the Cango Caves, than you cannot tell that you have traveled to South Africa, because this is an amazing structure made entirely by nature and it is a little mysterious. One more thing to visit and travel to in the Cape area is the Boulders Beach. The huge stone structures will make you feel like being in a world of giants, and you are the little human that fell into this world. It is quite interesting and fascinating to see something like this, so make sure to travel to this place once you visit South Africa.

At the eastern foot of our beautiful Table mountain, there is a place of incredible nature - the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Which is one of the most beautiful and visited places in South Africa, because of its floral diversity and amazing location.

As you can see, there is much to visit in South Africa, so make sure, when you travel there, to look a little bit around, try to find new places, and do some research, because these are only a few of the amazing sights you can see there.